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  Once Upon a Palace Purple at Magenta Theater

Once Upon a Palace Purple

Magenta Theater
606 Main St. Vancouver

Once Upon a Palace Purple is an original work by Jaynie Roberts. In it, there are two kingdoms: The Purple Kingdom and the Red Kingdom. The Purples are the good guys; the Reds are the bad guys. Both matriarchs are determined to wed their daughters off to eligible princes in order to garner the most media attention and fortify their armies. Meanwhile, the patriarchs of each Kingdom are either working on inventions or admiring their reflections. (!) The two matriarchs are sisters; sisters who have never gotten along, and are complete polar opposites! And did we mention that the Reds are all beautiful, talented and amazing? While the Purples are all unfortunate and untalented? (But they have great personalities!) Mingle these two Kingdoms; add in a Fairy Godmother, a Grandmother Clock and some genuinely bad, bad guys and you have the recipe for an evening of magic, laughter, fantasy and escape from the reality of everyday life.

Thru - Nov 17, 2018

Box Office: 360-635-4358