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All My Sons  
Shoe Box Theater All My Sons
The struggles of a capitalistic society in post-WWII America are explored through the lens of family relationships in All My Sons, a drama that won the 1947 Drama Critics' Award for Best New Play and established playwright Arthur Miller as a bona fide American theater icon. If your sense of right and wrong has been shattered by any number of disturbing recent events, you can find genuine emotional healing in Arthur Miller's chilling story, which feels just as relevant today as it did when it debuted more than 70 years ago. Experience this gripping new production by the Portland Actors Conservatory, presented at the Shoe Box Theater at Vertigo Theatre in Portland.
Jeeves Intervenes  
Magenta Theater Jeeves Intervenes
British author P.G. Wodehouse became one of the most widely read humorists of the 20th century for his iconic duo of feather-brained playboy Bertie Wooster and his resourceful, long-suffering valet, Jeeves. Now, Wodehouse's trademark wit comes to the stage of Vancouver's Magenta Theater in Jeeves Intervenes. When his Aunt Agatha forces Bertie to cancel his holiday to the French Riviera, it's only the beginning of his troubles. Now he's stuck attending a family reunion while Agatha attempts to engineer his engagement to the overbearing Gertrude. Meanwhile, Bertie's school chum Eustace is about to be sent to a tragically respectable job in India. Now, it's once again up to Bertie's trusty manservant, Jeeves, to save the day.
Portland Center Stage at The Armory Kodachrome
Take a nostalgic visit to Colchester, a small town where everybody knows each other and love blossoms in unlikely nooks and crannies. Your tour guide is photographer Suzanne, who shares her view into her neighbors' private lives and romantic entanglements. A world premiere play, developed from one of the Armory's 2015 JAW festival entries, Kodachrome's evocative snapshots will remind you of the power of love, the changing of the seasons and how we learn to say goodbye.
Portland Aquarium  
Portland Aquarium Portland Aquarium
With 30 exhibits displaying more than 2,500 species of underwater life, there's plenty to keep you and your family engaged at the Portland Aquarium. Explore and observe a wide variety of birds, reptiles, and both cold water and tropical fish in settings that mimic their natural habitats. You're encouraged to hand-feed sharks, rays, birds and fish, or to get up-close and personal with many of the reptiles and other animals on exhibit. Touch a stingray, visit a tropical rainforest filled with exotic creatures, marvel at a giant Pacific octopus and much more. Your little ones might just leave with dreams of a career in marine biology.
This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing  
CoHo Theater This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing
This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing is an expressive, cyclical fable fit for all ages, especially for the brave, curious ones who follow their heart to find home. "Once ... Twice ... Thrice upon a time, a girl was born." 10-year-old triplet sisters are abandoned in the woods by their heartbroken father on a snowy night. Beatrix follows the direction of her departed dad and the setting sun, believing her own bright energy can warm anyone's heart. Albienne has a strong appetite for cakes and battle, and goes off in the opposite direction to explore the unknown. Carmen cannot move forward or back, she is best at staying still, oddly silent, helpful to others in need. So the sisters separate, but remain connected, while facing fantastical, touching adventures: they wage wars, win wealth, make homes and travel in lighthouses under the sea. Seasons change, years pass, and they become grown women -- eventually returning to the same but different place, reunited as family. See CoHo Theater's production of Finegan Kruckemeyer's unique work in Portland.