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Oregon Children's Theatre to present Skippyjon Jones
Dec 17, 2014

Skippyjon Jones in PortlandOregon Children's Theatre presents Skippyjon Jones: A Musical, a premiere and co-commission with Dallas Children's Theater. Based on the book by Judy Schachner and adapted by Linda Daugherty, with music and lyrics by Nick Martin, the production is directed by Stan Foote and will run January 17-February 15, 2015.

Meet Skippyjon Jones, a Siamese cat who thinks he's one of the birds. He enjoys sleeping in their nest, sharing their breakfast of worms and bathing in Mrs. Doohiggy's birdbath. In frustration, Mama Junebug Jones sends him to his room to ponder what it means to be a Siamese Cat. Instead, Skippyjon discovers his alter ego-"El Skippito"-a superhero Chihuahua who is learning to speak Spanish. Clothed in a green cape and mask, he sets off into his closet and emerges in far, far away Mexico for a rip-roaring musical adventure.

OCT is known for forging national partnerships with other theaters. Skippyjon Jones marks Dallas Children's Theater's first co-commission with Oregon Children's Theatre. Both productions will open within a week of each other. The partnership is built on trust, creativity, and a drive to create cross-cultural, educational content.

"One of my long-term goals for OCT has been to have bilingual speakers and themes featured on stage," says Stan Foote, OCT Artistic Director. "We have been searching for the right script and ultimately decided that we needed to create our own. Dallas Children's Theater shares that goal, and it's been a great partnership as we work together to bring this story to life. Skippyjon Jones has great balance for both English and Spanish speakers!

Directed by Stan Foote, OCT's Artistic Director, Skippyjon Jones is based on the children's book by New York Times best-selling author, Judy Schachner.

The story, told in English and Spanish, addresses such big ideas as:
• It's okay to be unique or do things differently from others.
• Your imagination can take you to new and exciting places.
• Part of growing up is being brave and standing up for your friends.
• And as Skippy says, "I believe that something great can come from something small."

Skippyjon Jones is adapted by Linda Daugherty with music and lyrics by Nick Martin. The cast features Martin Tebo (Skippyjon Jones), Gilberto Martin del Campo (Emcee/Don Diego), Gilbert Feliciano (Mirror Chihuahua/Bee), Stephanie Roessler (Jezebel/Rosalita), James Sharinghousen (El Buzzito/ Quiz Kitties contestants), Hailey Tollner (Ju-Ju Bee/ Pintolito), Danielle Valentine (Mama Junebug Jones/Tia Mia), and Haley Ward (Jilly Boo/Poquito Tito).

The creative team includes: Stan Foote (Director), Jeffrey Childs (Musical Director), Mark Haack (Scenic Designer), Emily Horton (Costume Designer), Kristeen Willis Crosser (Lighting Designer), Sara Mishler Martins (Choreographer), Gilberto Martin del Campo (Dialect Coach), Lauren Knapp (Props Master), Em Gustason (Sound Designer), and Annabel Cantor (YP Directing Apprentice).